Top cats strive for purr-fection at Houston show

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Over the course of three days, 18 experts judged kittens, cats and alters in the 41st annual Evangeline Country Cat Fanciers Cat Show, an international cat competition that features more breeds than typical, as well as household pets. “We have a number of breeds, and they all compete in a written standard, and even the household pets have a written standard that they are judged on,” said Steven Savant, show manager and president of Evangeline Country Cat Fanciers…. [Read More]

5 Things You Must Do This Weekend


Few are lucky enough to host two cat shows in as many months, but Houston counts itself among the chosen. Head up to Greenspoint to witness more than 200 cats—including the incredibly terrifying Lykoi werewolf cat—as they duke it out for the title of “Best Cat in the World.”…. [Read More]

Discover “Werewolf” Cats, Sphynxes and the Cat-Next-Door at This Houston Show


f you’ve got a family member (like I do) who’s always texting pictures and videos of their cat, then you might want to point them to the Evangeline Country Cat Fanciers Cat Show. This international cat exposition has all of the usual fancy-schmancy cats — long-haired, short-haired and all-breeds — but it also allows household pets (they call them HHPs) to compete for fame, glory and points….. [Read More]

LondonCats Show Leatherhead: See some of the adorable felines who visited Fetcham for the contest

More than 3,000 people turned out to see more than 200 adorable cats in Fetcham at the weekend as LondonCats returned for its final year at Leatherhead Leisure Centre. Cat lovers from across the country made their way to the venue on January 6 and 7 to see more than 50 different breeds of feline – including popular cats like Maine Coons, Persians and Bobtails…. [Read More]

The International Cat Show – Leatherhead, Surrey on January 6th/7th 2018

Pebzz attended an Allbreed Championship and Household Pet Cat Show, organised and managed by London Cats, the Communications and Events company in association with TICA, The International Cat Association. Directed by the charismatic Steven Meserve, this was definitely not your normal cat show…. [Read More]

The LondonCats International Show gears up for the weekend

The LondonCats International Show will see exotic felines competing and posing for internationally renowned judges, aiming to win championship titles and points towards the prize of the best cat in the world. This will be the last year at Leatherhead Leisure Centre as the show has outgrown its capacity…. [Read More]

LondonCats show: Here’s how you can see hundreds of adorable cats in Fetcham next month

If you’re a cat lover, you’re in luck because more than 200 adorable moggies will be in Fetcham next month for a huge cat show. More than 50 different breeds of cat are coming to Surrey for the annual LondonCats show, which has been held at Leatherhead Leisure Centre, on Guildford Road, since 2015…. [Read More]

Could your moggy be a show cat? Here’s how I trained my pet for feline crufts

In Britain, there are around eight million cats, most of which live unremarkable lives; roaming gardens, sleeping on sofas, defecating in gardens they have no business being in. At the other end of the feline spectrum, however, you’ll find a different class of kitty altogether…. [Read More]

How did my feckless feline, Barry, fare at ‘Cat Crufts’?

ot everyone loves an underdog, particularly when the underdog is a bad-tempered cat at a prestigious pedigree cat show. My feckless feline, Barry, took his first grumpy steps into the world of cat fancying this weekend at LondonCats, the feline version of Crufts…. [Read More]

Pussy galore: Why 2017 is the year of the cat

For a cat owner, there is little more satisfying than looking out of the window to see a dog owner trudging along behind a mutt in the driving rain, carrying a bag filled with a freshly laid turd. We smile smugly to ourselves, safe in the knowledge that our self-reliant pets will go and defecate in someone else’s garden, while we remain in the warm…. [Read More]

Werewolf Cats Drawing Crowds at London Cat Show

Time to get spooky and sweet. Lyoki cats, an emerging kind of cat for the past several years, are the belle of the ball at this year’s LondonCats show, an event created to show off rare cat breeds, according to The Telegraph. Lyoki felines, like LondonCats’s nine-month-old Shalnavazz Mehari, certainly have a unique look…. [Read More]

LondonCats show exhibits purrfect felines with “werewolf cat” and never-before-seen Marguerite

British shorthairs, Persians and Bengals were out in force at the LondonCats show at Leatherhead Leisure Centre on Saturday. Cat lovers were able to meet around 200 felines at the event featuring 50 different breeds. There was also the world premiere of an African Sand Cat cross or the Marguerite, never seen in public anywhere in the world…. [Read More]

New breed among highlights of LondonCats show in Surrey

A new breed of cat descended from a wild African species is set to be among the highlights of an exhibition showcasing the finest of felines. Three Marguerites will make their debut at the International LondonCats show in Surrey this weekend. The animals are descended from a desert-dwelling sand cat and have the appearance of the wild breed, but are domestic pets…. [Read More]

Fans flock to see rare ‘werewolf cat’ at LondonCats show

It may look like the stuff of nightmares – perhaps the baddie in the latest Disney animal cartoon or an evil wizard’s malign pet – but this is in fact the cat of the moment. While more traditional cat lovers may prefer the classic Siamese or Persian, those looking for something startling in their feline are turning to the Lyoki – otherwise known as a ‘werewolf cat’…. [Read More]

Katzenworld to attend LondonCats show in Leatherhead 7th & 8th of January 2017

We have once again booked ourselves onto an upcoming cat show! This time around we are attending one of the fabulous cat shows organised by LondonCats in Leatherhead, Surrey on the 7th & 8th of January 2017. We are very much looking forward to the show and will make sure to bring along a selection of cat toys, treats and of course our Katzenworld merchandise…. [Read More]